3 Pairs IOMI FootNurse Cushion Foot Bamboo Blend Diabetic Socks Denim mix
3 Pairs IOMI FootNurse Cushion Foot Bamboo Blend Diabetic Socks Denim mix
Endorsed by Lymphoedema United

3 Pairs IOMI FootNurse Cushion Foot Bamboo Blend Diabetic Socks Denim mix

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Size:                       3 Sizes available - See Dropdown Menu

Colour:                  Denim Mix - Mid Denim / Sky / Navy

Description:          Cushion Foot Bamboo Diabetic

Fibre Composition: 

40% Viscose derived from BAMBOO, 40% Combed Organic Cotton, 12% Polyester, 3% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Washing Instructions:  

Machine Washable 40', do not Tumble Dry

Wash dark colours separately

Developed to help manage the symptoms of Diabetes. Extra wide non-binding leg, comfortable cushion foot and smooth toe seams. IOMI FootNurse is a brand dedicated to increasing comfort and aiding reducing ailments in your feet.

Carefully moulds to the natural contours of your leg, with an easy stretch, these IOMI bamboo diabetic socks will leave no nasty constriction rings. The top stretches all the way down to the top of your ankle. Perfect for those that suffer from swollen legs and Oedema.

Bamboo as a fibre is luxuriously soft thanks to its natural properties and is far superior to cotton. Bamboo also wicks moisture away from the foot naturally. Organic cotton is woven with the bamboo for added comfort.

Reduces irritation on the tip of your toes, a rough toe seam would potentially damage a diabetics foot, this toe smooth seam will do no such thing, it will make it seem a pleasure to wear these socks.

Bamboo Blend

Cushion Foot

Smooth Toe Seam

Easy Stretch

Extra Wide Leg


Silky Touch

Easy To Put On

Customer Reviews

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Daisy Chain
So Good I just bought more...

Due to long term Chemo my partners feet split and peel easily and take a long time healing, hence need to be kept very clean, well moisturised and cushioned at all times. With a high proportion of natural bamboo and cotton and very little polyester these socks are keeping his feet together, safe and comfortable and the soft grip is supporting the prevention of peripheral neuropathy from poor circulation. They wash easily in the machine despite getting dirty from a mixture of emollients and dry skin. The denim mix looks good with all his jeans and joggers.

M Davies
They do what they say.

Comfortable,leave no marks on the leg.


Excellent ,very comfortable socks !!

Brian Ford

Comfortable feel to these socks but not convinced they were all size 9 to 11.
Too much spare material on the foot area on some, causing discomfort when wearing certain shoes and poor grip at top.

Mary Wilcock
Comfy feet

Received my pack off enjoy wearing then it nice to fine a pair the are kine to my feet and warm

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