We all have those favourite pair of shoes. Whether they look great, are from your favourite brand or designer or are just plain comfy! Sometimes, though, you can have too much of a good thing, and certain types of shoes are prone to causing long-term feet problems with excessive use.


A holiday staple for many, the relaxed nature of flip-flops fit in exactly with what we want on our breaks away, to de-stress and enjoy our time in the sun. However, they offer very little protection to your feet and with many purchasing new pairs for their holidays, constriction of the foot is a common problem. Solution? Sporty, fitted sandals and flip-flops with a thicker heel will provide more comfort for the treks you’ll inevitably encounter on your break.

High heels

Many wouldn’t even consider a night out on the tiles without a pair of high-heels, but with fashion pushing the boundaries, and adding extra height, ankle sprains and chronic pain are almost a given. The solution? Choosing a lower heel, with a more natural curve of the foot, wearing them less, while precautions like applying ice and heel pads, will help ease the pain if you’re a bustling socialite.

Pointy shoes

Another case of style over comfort, and one that both men and women can suffer from, the enclosed ends of this style of shoe can cause no end of issues over time – including hammertoes, bunions and general pain. Solution? A boxed toe is a more simple, classic look, but your feet will certainly thank you for it!

Had any horror experiences with your shoes? Let us know!