Socks have always been regarded as a bit of a jokey gift, given as a last resort or as a cheap stocking filler. However, we at Gentle Grip disagree! While we might be a bit biased, we think there are plenty of reasons socks are a great present to receive this Christmas, here are a few of them…


When it comes to sorting out a budget for the festive season, you can be forgiven for trying to cut a few corners here and there to keep on top of your finances. Socks will always be easier on your wallet, than say a skincare set, and can be the perfect accompaniment to many gifts.


Everyone needs and wears socks on a daily basis. People may begin to groan and their faces might drop upon ripping open their present on Christmas Day, but a few weeks down the line, you can be sure they’ll have used their brand-new pair of socks! It also helps that socks are SO easy to wrap, meaning that even those of us who find wrapping a challenge, will be in luck.

They can serve a dual purpose

By getting a pair of socks as comfy as Gentle Grip, you’re also allowing your body to feel health benefits. Gentle Grip’s technology means that the socks don’t cut into your legs and feet, making them perfect for those with diabetes, as circulation isn’t restricted. Comfortable and keeping you healthy!

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