Human feet, while vitally important to our everyday lives, can be quite boring, serving us no purpose other than getting us from point A to point B. The animal kingdom, though, have a vast variety when it comes to feet, with most animal’s relying upon their feet for more than one purpose, let’s take a look at some of the stranger animal feet facts…

  • Guanaco, based in South America, and a cousin of the camel, have pads on their feet to keep them from burning on desert sand or freezing in mountain snow
  • Taste is a sensation we all love, but butterflies’ taste sensors bizarrely enough are in their feet
  • The only bird with two toes on their feet are ostriches, the design enables them to run fast, reaching about 70km an hour
  • Gecko’s scaly skin makes them a slippery proposition, their toes are covered in tiny microscopic hairs, which help them stick to surfaces
  • Elephants have cushioned hooves, allowing their weight – sometimes up to 7 tonnes! – to be distributed evenly
  • Both lions and bald eagles rely upon their feet to help them catch prey – eagles have sharp talons used to catch fish, while lions have retractable claws
  • Monkeys are extremely close relatives to humans, so it’s hardly surprisingly they have opposable thumbs and sensitive pads, which is what allows them to swing and grab onto branches
  • Due to living in freezing climates, you’d think penguins would be solely focused on keeping warm. However, due to the blubber and feathers across their body, their feet are bare, as they need to regulate their body temperature

Those are our favourite fun animal facts, let us know yours!