For a reason unbeknown to many of us, there’ll always be a one or more socks in our draws that do not have a partner. But where do they go? Has the washing machine eaten them? Have they been stolen? It always leaves us wondering what to do with the odd sock hoping that the other may turn up sooner or later.

But if they don’t ever surface, there is something that you can do with those lonely socks. Upcycling provides a way to make use of the unwanted material and can be used in many unconventional ways. For instance if you have children and a creative flare, making stuffed animals can be the perfect way to keep your children entertained whilst being resourceful with the surplus of fabric!

They can also be used as cleaning rags, whether it’s giving your car a sparkling clean or doing domestic chores around the house, those old socks will most definitely come in handy! Not forgetting that it can make an excellent shoe polish, and even better pet toys.

If all else fails, keep your odd socks for rainy days when wearing matching socks isn’t a priority. Having days where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously is actually quite important!