Feet are seen to be the workhorses of our bodies and without them it’d be difficult to do half the things we take for granted. That’s why, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that will make you want to look after your feet so we’re going to talk you through a little beauty regime that’ll always make you want to keep your feet feeling fab!

You should make a point of washing your feet thoroughly (this is including between your toes) and regularly and drying them with care. Doing this as part of your daily routine can prevent foot ailments such as athlete’s foot, door and even fungus!

But it shouldn’t stop there either, you must follow up with a good quality moisturiser to combat dryness, nothing fancy is needed – Vaseline is always a winner!

One mistake that most of us are guilty for is for clipping our toe nails incorrectly and if they’re left too long, both could result in nasty ingrown toenails, and none of us want those!

Leaving toenails too long can result in irritation in your shoes as they rub the edge of your shoes which often leaves your toes feeling quite sore. Luckily we found the recommended time to trim your nails which is around every three to four weeks, after you've showered or soaked your feet, use small clippers to trim, cutting straight across!

Let us know about your feet regime and how you keep our feet feeling fab, we’d love to know!