A pedicure can be fundamental to maintaining the health of your feet and toes, although if you haven’t done one before the prospect can be daunting. We have created a simple guide to the perfect pedicure, a relaxing experience, and a great way to maintain the health of your little piggies.

Prepare your feet

The first step is filing away the dead skin on your feet, make sure you do this over a towel to avoid mess. Make sure you use a file which is designed for feet and file gently, if you rub too hard you’ll just create more dry skin.

Soak your toes

Fill your basin with one part boiling water and one part cold water, this should create the perfect temperature. If you want a treat, fill the bowl with massage oils and marbles for a DIY foot massage.

Ensure you soak your feet for at least 10 minutes, but treat yourself. Let them soak whilst you watch your favourite TV programme or read a book. Once you’re ready, dry your feet thoroughly and use cotton pads to guarantee your nails are dry.

Cut and file nails

Your toe nails are stronger than your finger nails, but the soak should have softened them. Take this opportunity to trim your nails. Cut them square, to avoid in-grown nails, and make sure you leave a little white above the pink. This will leave sharp edges on your nails, use a coarse file on them but never file or cut the walls of the nails as this will encourage in-grown nails.

Gently ease back the cuticles with a cuticle stick, don’t push too hard as this will damage the skin, and smooth the tops of the nails with a buffer.

Paint you piggies!

Add a base coat, the colour of your choice, and a top coat to ensure longevity and vibrancy. If any spillages occur, a cuticle stick should remove the offending paint and just like that, you’re ready to show off your sparkling toes!

This simple guide will leave your feet super soft, give you beautiful nails, and, if done regularly, healthy feet.