Easter is a great excuse to get out and about, utilising your Bank Holiday weekend to get around to ticking things off your to-do list, while enjoying yourself simultaneously. Here are our best ideas to enjoy your break!

Get out in the garden

Many, ourselves included, often neglect their gardens over the winter months, meaning most backyards will be in need of a freshening up before summer. Get green this weekend and give your garden the TLC it inevitably needs.

Go for a rambling walk

When the weather’s perfect with sunshine blazing and clear, blue skies, there’s not much better than a countryside stroll. The fresh air, especially for those of us who’re city dwellers, will genuinely do you some good, as well as the exercise given, even at a casual pace, you’ll feel refreshed for sure.

Go for an Easter egg hunt!

Especially good for those with kids, an Easter egg hunt can be a fun way to get into the spirit, and get the whole family active. It can come at little cost too, the eggs don’t have to be a huge size, the smaller the better for a tougher challenge.

Put your feet up

After all of these activities, you’re going to need to rest up before heading back to work. So get cosy, put your feet up, grab a book and relax! Turning off technology, laptops, phones and even wi-fi will provide further relaxation, allowing you to switch off.

What are you up to this weekend for Easter? Let us know!