The Mouth and Foot Painting artists (MFPA) is a self-help association of artists who paint without the use of their hands. This organisation aids over 30 British artists and almost 800 worldwide.

Beginning in 1957, the founder, Erich Stegmann, a polio survivor, grew up without the use of his hands but did not let that stop him from becoming an established artist. With a small group of disabled artists, he created a partnership which worked with disabled artists to ensure their work was marketed well and they are financially stable.

Erich has always tried to avoid the word ‘charity’, the agency is not available for donations and MFPA is a for profit organisation working with artists to market their work for both to mutually profit.

The MFPA mostly deal in reproductions of their artists’ work, every year a new range of greeting cards, tag cards, and calendars are produced for Christmas; all year round they produce goods including books, wrapping paper, and prints of their artists’ work.

The MFPA opens doors for many artists across Britain, a door which many imagined to be closed. It has enabled many disabled people to follow their passions, meet incredibly talented people like themselves, and most importantly regain self-esteem which may have seemed lost.