May is officially National Walking Month, and we’re getting out and about to celebrate! However, if you don’t usually enjoy a long walk for leisure regularly, you may need to do a bit of prep, and, additionally, some recovery work, to avoid any issues.

Ensure your footwear fits!

Depending on just how long it’s been since your last trek, the shoes or boots you may have dug out of the cupboard may be out of shape. Persevering with such footwear could see you struggling during your walk, with blisters a common sign that you need to make an upgrade to your equipment. Also, we might have just entered May, but footwear that will ensure your feet keep dry, throughout any freak weather you may encounter in the great outdoors.

Don’t overstretch yourself

Without wishing to dull your enthusiasm for walking, don’t exceed your personal ability. If you’ve never really tackled a 15 mile walk before, don’t jump straight in at that level. Like anything, build up your ability and take part in a succession of smaller walks, before tackling such a distance.

Ice is your best friend

Ice is a great way to rejuvenate your feet post-walk. If you’ve suffered from any swelling or blisters, then grab a bag from the freezer and apply for, almost, instant satisfaction. It’s good to get into such a habit, as your feet won’t suffer from any long-term injuries you may have picked up, and their condition should drastically improve.

Got any precautions we’ve missed out? Let us know!