Christmas is coming, it’s almost here, honest! A chance for many of us to put our feet up and recharge our batteries at the end of a long 2017. However, while just under a million people work on Christmas Day in the UK, what are the benefits for those of us who don’t? Here are a few reasons Gentle Grip thinks you should rest up this festive season.

Your health

It’s good to rest up every now and then! Between holding down a full-time job, running a home and social engagements, normal life can be hectic and non-stop. Christmas sees schedules slow down a lot and gives many of us the opportunity to get the much-needed R&R we need, before returning to work fully refreshed in 2018. So rest and relax this festive season.

Your happiness

Imagine being stuck at your desk during the week of Christmas, fully aware that your kids are off school, and having fun at home…you’re not going to be brimming with happiness! Companies that shut for the holidays generally find that staff are happier and more proactive upon their return in January than they’d otherwise be had they worked through till the end of the year.

The break

Enjoying a week away from the stresses of work is rare for many nowadays, and while some of us may be lucky to enjoy a summer holiday most years, not everyone has that luxury available to them. While the weather won’t be matching the beaches of Barbados, the week will still give you an opportunity for some ‘you’ time. While you’re actually off, ensure you do things that make you happy, watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to catch or indulge in some DIY perhaps, and make the most of your deserved week off.

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