National Diabetes Awareness Week takes place from 12th – 18th June this year and, at Gentle Grip, we understand just how much the illness can affect the health of feet. However, athlete’s foot is a condition which can affect anyone, not just those suffering with diabetes. We have put together these tips to prevent the risk of developing athlete’s foot. 

Skincare Routine

A poor skincare routine on your feet can increase the chances of developing athlete’s foot. Take care to dry between each of your toes thoroughly, but do so gently, so that you do not cause further irritation to the skin. When moisturising your skin and feet, avoid putting the lotion between the toes, as this can encourage bacterial growth which leads to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. However, using talcum powder on the feet is an ideal way to soak up excess moisture and keep the areas between the toes dry and fresh. 

Laundry Routine

Avoid sharing socks, towels or tights with other people as athlete’s foot can transfer between family members and friends. Be sure to wear fresh, clean, cotton socks every day and give shoes 24 hours to air-out every 2-3 days. Cotton socks and shoes made from leather or light materials allow the feet to breathe and can help to reduce the chances of developing athlete’s foot.

Public Spaces

We know that walking around barefoot at leisure centres, spas and at holiday resorts is tempting, but a pair of flip-flops or disposable slippers will ensure that fungal infections don’t spread to your feet from other visitors. 

If you do think you have athlete’s foot, there’s no need to panic. A doctor will prescribe anti-fungal treatment, which needs to be used according to the instructions given.

Do you have any other tips to avoid athlete’s foot? Let us know!