Unfortunately, the warm weather is not without its downsides and can have some annoying effects on our body, including: swollen feet and ankles. Swelling is our body’s natural cooling mechanism and is extremely common; however, it can cause discomfort. Follow our tips on how to ease swollen feet this summer.

    1.  Elevate your feet

If you have swollen feet, you should try to elevate your feet as much as possible, ideally your legs should be higher than your heart! Elevating your feet will result in the retained fluid to flow away from the legs and ankles which will help to reduce swelling.

    2.  Try to avoid getting too hot

This is easier said than done! If you are particularly prone to swollen feet, you could simply try not to sit in direct sunlight and see if this works for you. You could also try using a mini fan or a cooling foot spray for more immediate relief.

    3.  Gentle exercise

Although exercise may make you hotter, it is great for your circulation and can help to move fluid away from your feet (swimming is particularly good for this). Try to exercise in colder times of the day to ensure that swelling is not worsened.

    4.  Avoid caffeine

Caffeine drinks also contain sodium and can cause fluid retention! Therefore, you should limit your caffeine intake and should instead turn to drinks such as water, as this can help to rid your body of excess sodium and thus reduce swelling. If you are not a fan of water, you can try adding lemon or limes to alter the taste.

    5.  Massage

Massaging is great for circulation. To help swelling, you should massage from your feet to your knees to try to try and encourage the fluid to move away from your feet. You can massage your feet yourself, or even better, get someone else to help you out!

We hope these tips can help you this summer, if you have any other ideas let us know on our Facebook and Twitter.