With the recent spell of sunshine, and the imminent arrival of spring as we hit British Summer Time at the end of the month, lots of you will soon be freeing your feet of their spell in winter hibernation. Here are a few basic ways to get your feet ready for the warmest months of the year.

Look after your feet like your face

It goes without saying, but you really need to wash your feet every day, especially if you’ve been wearing sandals. Using a pumice stone to remove dead skin is another top method to keep up maintenance on your feet, not every day though, as this will lead them to becoming hard and calloused. A balance is needed!

Don’t overdo the sandals

With the first rays of sunshine we see perforate overcast clouds, the British nation rushes to shorts and sunnies. However, not overdoing using sandals is an essential. Especially if they’re new, but even if not, your feet will take time to get used to the style of sandals or open-toed shoes after a winter hiatus. Blisters are prevalent, and are important to treat properly with plasters and other protection, while not walking around barefoot is another easy way to avoid unwanted bacteria on your feet.

Treat your feet!

With innovations like deodorant for your toes and hair trimmers too, there’s never been a better time to prioritise your feet as much as your more visible body parts. Moisturising, too, will be a great help to their softness, a pair of Gentle Grip socks, too, will provide the softness and moisture factor that will prolong your healthy feet for longer.

Are you looking forward to sunnier skies and brighter evenings? Let us know your favourite thing about summer!