The run up to the Christmas period can be stressful and expensive for most people with all the present buying, food preparation and family members to visit, so one thing you don’t need on top of the ever-growing to do list is foot maintenance!

A study found that 88% of Brits walk up to five miles during a typical Christmas shopping trip* and no doubt the average shopper wouldn’t think to wear protective shoes as the high street is a catwalk after all! We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your feet healthy through the festive period so your feet don’t take a beating.

Go for what’s comfortable

With so much time spent on your feet, it’s important that you are comfortable on a shopping spree, so, dress for comfort – flats are a good idea, as is dressing in layers to combat over heated stores versus chilly winter weather.

Carry plasters around with you

A staple handbag essential this Christmas, blister plasters are a life, or foot, saver. Blisters not only damage the very sensitive skin on your feet, but can also stop you in your tracks, leaving you unable to walk without wanting to scream! Always carry blister plasters around with you and as soon as you feel your shoes beginning to rub, you can stick one on and power on through.

Your family won’t accept the excuse of a blister for no Christmas presents!

Treat yourself to some after-care

When the weather is bad and you have tackled the stores, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in a warm bubble bath to soothe away those stresses and strains.

To nurture your sore, post-shopping feet, add a sprinkle of Epsom salt into your bath to help reduce any swelling. And, once you are out of the bath, spend some time applying moisturiser to your feet to leave them feeling healthy and nourished.