As we enter June, the warmer weather and sunshine (fingers crossed), will lead more and more of us to get our feet out! Whether it’s flip flops at work, even bare foot in the garden, your feet will no doubt be getting more breathing time than they would’ve done in the cold, winter months. With all this come more and more summer trends to spice up your feet, here are a few of the freshest…


Made up of intricately designed pieces of bespoke jewellery, anklets are everywhere in the summer! The best thing is, you can make your own pieces easily too, with individual designs key to impressing. They can be easily combined with barefoot styles and open footwear, recycling or finding items like shells from the beach to attach to jewellery might be start.


Combined best with festivals and holidays, henna art is rapidly growing in popular. It gives those who don’t want to commit to a permanent tattoo an opportunity to experiment with body art! If your job restricts you from body art, then henna on your feet could be an alternative, still allowing for designs that’ll look great come the finished product.

Nail Art

Nails are an obvious go-to when it comes to decorating your feet, and this summer there are more fresh trends than ever before. Painting your nails in glittery colours are particularly on trend at the moment, alongside soft shades of pink and bright, tropical colours that fit with the season perfectly well.

Any we’ve missed off? Let us know!