Most of us focus on getting the ‘summer bod’ needed at the beach and the swimsuit that’ll show it off the best. However, just as important is getting your feet ready for the beach experience. Here are Gentle Grip’s top methods to prepping your feet for the warm weather.

Soften your skin

Grab a large bowl of warm water and add a handful of Epsom salts, along with a cup of apple cider vinegar. Add your feet, and let the concoction seep into your skin. Around 10-15 minutes later, any rough skin should be soft enough to wipe away with a towel.

Go barefoot

Once they’ve seen a bit of TLC, it’s time to bare your feet to the world! Going barefoot as often as possible in hot weather, will help your feet from getting too sweaty, which can lead to other issues. Changing socks once a day if you’re working in hot weather, is recommended too, as they will help keep your feet dry.

Watch out for feet infections

Going on holiday is great and all, but the susceptibility of your feet to infections will become all the more obvious with the use of communal showers, at open-air swimming pools. Athlete’s foot and verruca’s can be common, if wandering around pools barefoot. Flip-flops are a must here, to avoid infections as much as possible.

So, those are our top tips, have you got any we missed out? Let us know!