It’s weird to think that ¼ of all the bones in the human body are down in your feet and when these bones are out of alignments so is the rest of the body. In case you were trying to do the maths, that’s 52 out of 206 bones just in your feet!

The foot and ankle is one of the strongest mechanical structures in the human anatomy as it contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments - It’s true!

One of the most common places to be tickled is your feet so it’s not surprising to discover that they are the most ticklish part of the body. There’s a good reason for that too, humans have nearly 8000 nerves in their feet and a large number of nerve endings near the skin. Having ticklish feet can be a good sign as reduced sensitivity can be an indicator of neuropathy, so if you have ticklish feet then take it as a blessing!

There’s always a world record in there somewhere too, isn’t there? Matthew McGrory wears the largest shoes in the world who has US size 28.5 feet - which is still only 2 sizes bigger than the UK!

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