Foot problems become a common issue as we age, usually down to the wear and tear caused by everyday life. If we can’t walk properly, then getting out and about, social activities or daily exercise becomes more and more restricted. Here are a few tips from the Gentle Grip team to help you out. 

Maintain regular checks

As important as an annual sight or hearing test, a regular podiatry check is vital the older we get. Those with long-term conditions, such as diabetes or arthritis, can be particularly susceptible. By seeing a chiropodist or podiatrist, problems can usually be identified and treated successfully, by noting common problems like corns, cracked skin and ingrown toenails!

Look after your nails

Despite becoming harder to maintain with age, good nail care not only leads to comfortable feet, but is important to rid your toes of any unnecessary pressure caused by the nail rubbing against the end of your shoe. This constant pressure can lead to soreness, infection or ulceration, while poorly cut nails lead to ingrown toe nails.

Keep warm!

Although the weather may be warming, it’s key to ensure that your feet aren’t left feeling the chill between spells of sunny skies. With the infamous topsy-turvy British weather, ensuring you’re not caught out by sudden showers in inappropriate footwear is a must, too.

How do you tackle footcare problems? Let us know!