Festival fashion can become extremely dull, with most people wearing extremely similar outfits. We have created a list of ways that you can spice up your outfit simply by changing your footwear:

1. Boots

Wellies are the most popular choice of shoe at festivals due to the rain and mud that you will probably find! However, if the summer delivers in Britain and there is no rain for your festival, boots are a great alternative to wellies! They will help to give you a completely different look to everyone else attending, while secretly not making much effort (shh!)

2. Anklets

Anklets are a great way to mix up your jewellery as it is an accessory which is not often seen. They can also help to attract attention to your great footwear, and are best paired with sandals, perfect for a sunny day!

3. Pumps/trainers

The perfect way to create an effortless look is to pair your look with some trainers. High street brands have a great selection of colours and looks, although it’s worth noting that you should probably steer clear of white shoes, just in case they get muddy if it rains.

4. Wellies

Wellies may seem like the most obvious festival fashion choice; however, there are ways in which you can add an alternative spin to this classic look. You could try: lace up, patterned and low wellies, which are all guaranteed to capture attention for all the right reasons!

We hope this has given you some inspiration, let us know what footwear you are wearing to festivals over on our Twitter and Facebook.