Many of us have a creative flare that remains within us until we use it, Tom Yendell’s was so powerful that he was forced to use a completely unconventional method. We were incredibly inspired by the man born without hands and arms that turned out to be a world-renowned artist. Just in case you hadn’t heard of him, we wanted to make you aware of Yendell’s incredible talent and his ability to create art using his feet and mouth.

Tom Yendell, was born with birth defects caused by Thalidomide, a morning sickness drug with awful side-effects. The 50-year-old has created more than 500 pieces from his garage studio, using his lips, teeth and feet to master diverse brush strokes.

Yendell was one of 466 babies out of 2,000 to survive the effects of Thalidomide, and has released a book about his incredible life from childhood to an amazing artist.

He once said he found art, it was his 'calling' and has not once let having no arms hold him back saying 'I just learnt to adapt' to create his artwork.   

Tom Yendell has been a professional artist for 30 years, producing work that has appeared on hundreds of cards and wrapping paper through the Mouth and Foot Painting Association, which is also very impressive.