We love reading about inspirational stories here at Gentle Grip, and this internet blogger, who goes by the nickname Tisha UnArmed, is a perfect example.

The young woman, born without arms, is inspiring hundreds of thousands of Youtube viewers by showing how she carries out daily tasks using just her feet. She quickly attracted 300,000 views after posting her first video titled ‘Eating a sandwich with my feet,’ and has become so popular that she has launched a Facebook and Twitter fan page.

Tisha has also posted videos showing how she gets dressed, applies makeup, takes a shower and how she drives her car. She even uses a specially adapted car which has been fitted with a range of devices to help her drive using only her feet, including a left foot accelerator, an adapted steering wheel and a voice control computer which controls functions such as the horn and indicator. She uses her right foot to steer and her left foot to work the pedals. How incredible!?

Tisha notes, however, that eating at restaurants with her feet on the table has been met with a few raised eyebrows but she never has a problem with the waiting staff.

Although she has been met with a few negative comments on her videos, she has received many responses from viewers citing her as an inspiration. Working as an artist and a graphic designer, living alone has not stopped Tisha from getting out and about.