With spring fully underway and summer creeping in more and more, a lot of us will be getting outside and becoming more active. Whether it’s tennis, golf or even football, reawakening your feet and using them for physical activity leaves them prone to injury, here are a few of the more common sporting injuries and how to avoid them.

Plantar Fasciitis

Usually deriving from wearing flexible, minimalist shoes without much strength in foot muscles, plantar fasciitis presents itself as pain and tenderness across the arch and heel. It generally occurs in early stages of training and is associated with running, jumping and other repetitive stresses. How to avoid: stay active in your lower half, wear well-fitted shoes and be smart in your training.


Quite a common foot problem, bunions often hit people who over-rely on ligaments and bones to support the foot with each step, allowing the arch to collapse, with push off occurring from the big toe rather than the ball of the foot. If you suffer from tenderness and pain in the inside of the big toe, be careful! How to avoid: stay away from shoes with a narrow or pointy toe box, and the angulation of the great toe won’t increase.

Turf toe

A condition that often derives from the repeated hyperextension of the big toe, the symptoms are quite straightforward, with pain and tenderness at the big toe joint and pain during push off, during relevant sports, usually in athletics, although this become prominent when sprinting. How to avoid: turf toe inserts can help, as well as resting up and applying ice to the toe, to dull pain following exercise.

Stay safe and enjoy your sports this summer!