The feet contain more nerves per square inch than any other part of the human body, more than 200,000 nerves aid the central nervous system, balance, and movement. People with diabetes have a much greater risk of developing foot problems due to raised blood sugars, which decrease circulation and therefore sensitivity. As well as an annual visit to your GP for your feet, caring for your feet daily can become as automatic as brushing your teeth if it is done regularly. Something as simple as examining and washing your feet daily can mean noticing any small changes; making a huge difference. Getting early treatment for any foot problem, even a minor one, is fundamental for those suffering with diabetes. For diabetics, the most vital part of caring for their feet is ensuring their socks are comfortable and fit well, as circulation is decreased they must ensure their socks are not too tight or uncomfortable as it can decrease sensitivity in the toes. Gentle Grip socks use an innovative honeycomb top, which moulds to the contour of the legs without pressure and are hand linked which work together to dispel those painful restriction marks which aggravate circulation. It can be difficult to live with diabetes, but changing just a few things in a daily routine can make managing the illness much more smooth.