16 June is National Flip-Flop Day and with the weather looking sunny, there’s no doubt that we will be seeing plenty of open-toed sandals which will uncover lots of dainty and intriguing foot tattoos this weekend. At Gentle Grip, we want to make sure that everyone has healthy feet. These steps should keep your ink protected from the sun and avoid fading, scabbing, flaking and infection.

Studies have shown that spring and summer are the most popular times of the year to get foot ink, which is hardly surprising as autumn and winter often mean wearing heavier footwear. The feet are known to be one of the most difficult locations for healing tattoos, as they are flexing and stretching constantly throughout the day. Here are some ways to look after your new ink this summer.

Cover up

Keep new tattoos covered and try not to expose them to intense sunlight, as the heat and UV rays will damage the skin. Apply plenty of sun cream and try to keep the ink covered with thin cloth or light clothing. We know you want to show it off to everyone, but you will be able to show it off for much longer if you take care throughout the healing process.

No tight shoes

Try to wear loose fitting shoes. Tight shoes which rub on the tattoo will cause irritation, breaking the skin, which will cause scabbing and flaking. Not only will this be very painful for everyday activities, including walking, but it can cause damage to the artwork, leaving you with a patchy and unsightly design which looks nothing like the beautiful piece you chose for yourself. Whilst socks may not be the ideal wear for summer, on cooler days, lighter socks like Gentle Grip are perfect for keeping the tattoo covered while staying comfortable at the same time.

Keep your tattoo hydrated

Finally - moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. As with any new piece of ink, it is important to make sure that the area does not dry out – particularly in hot weather or dry climates, such as popular holiday destinations. Keep miniature bottles of tattoo lotion on your person and remember to regularly top up.

Do you have any foot tattoo care tips? Let us know!