It’s that time of year again, when it’s time to dress up silly and have fun, all in the name of charity – BBC Children in Need! While the annual event itself takes place this year on Friday 17th November, the good work that comes out of the telethon of fun can be seen across the country all year round. Here a few key facts and figures in the Children in Need story…

  • The earliest origins of Children in Need can be traced back to the BBC’s first broadcadt charity appeal on Christmas Day 1927, in the form of a five-minute radio broadcast, £1,143 was raised, which equates to £27,150 by today’s standards.
  • The first televised appeal took place in 1955 and was called the Children’s Hour Christmas Appeal, with Sooty Bear and Harry Corbett hosting – the Christmas Day Appeals continued on TV and radio until 1979, which £625,836 raised during that period.
  • Children in Need began back in 1980, focusing on raising money for charities working with children in the UK, with Sir Terry Wogan, Sue Lawley and Esther Rantzen the first trio of hosts.
  • By 1984, the show took the form of today’s continuous telethon of programming, full of celebrity sketches and entertainment, alongside segments on where money raised goes and how it affects those involved.
  • Terry Wogan was the only ever-present TV presenter of the show, hosting from 1980-2014, when he took leave due to ill health, before he passed.
  • The show’s broadcast total (figure raised on the night) has improved year-on-year since 2011, with 2016’s figure hitting £46,624,259.

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