With work schedules and family life proving hectic, it can be difficult to find time to relax and can even lead you to feeling guilty when you do so. However, relaxation can have many positive effects on your mental health. Whether it is lying in, watching TV, or going for a walk that relaxes you, it is important that you set aside time to relax for a number of reasons, here are a few of our favourites.



          1. You will sleep much better

              This may sound obvious; however, the benefits of sleep are enormous. A good sleep can ensure that we are functioning               as best as we can throughout the day, as well as helping to improve our memory and improve creativity. Relaxing and                   taking the weight off your feet can help to ensure that we are de-stressed which in turn can help sleep become more                     achievable.



           2. It will help to slow your breathing and heart rate

               Being stressed can have negative impacts on the heart, as well as increasing heart and breathing rate. Relaxation will                    help to slow down your heart rate and is thus extremely important for your physical health, leaving you calm and less                      stressed.



           3. It will help to keep you calm

               By relaxing more often, you will find that you have a calmer state of mind. This can benefit you in many ways, including:                work and home life and relationships. A calm mind will also help you to make rational decisions, which can only be a                      positive!

We hope these tips inspire you to put your feet up and have a well-deserved relax! Let us know the ways that you like to chill out on our Twitter and Facebook.