Throughout our lives, our feet go through a lot and bear the brunt of the weight of everyday living, working and playing. So next time you contemplate the best food to keep you healthy, fit and satisfied – why not consider which ingredients will best help your feet to stay healthy, too? These three food types are known to reduce foot swelling and increase the overall health of your feet. Fish Fatty and oily fish, like salmon, tuna and sardines contain plenty of omega 3 – which is known to reduce inflammation. Omega 3 intake should be balanced with omega 6, but many diets are prone to too much omega 6, and an insufficient intake of omega 3, which can be solved by increasing the amount of fish in the diet. Fruit Fruit with a naturally high water content is great for your body’s overall health, but will also help to reduce swelling in the feet and ankles to reduce discomfort, pain and shoes rubbing on the skin, which increases the chances of blisters, broken skin and infections. Vegetables Vitamin B is a vital nutrient for promoting the health of the feet. Spinach, sea vegetables and kale contain high amounts of B-complex vitamins. Whenever possible, aim to eat fresh or frozen vegetables, which retain more nutrients and contain less sodium than canned or tinned vegetables. Foods to Avoid Foods which are high in saturated fat, salt and sugar will contribute to the swelling of the feet, which can cause excess irritation, increase the chance of developing infections and can feel uncomfortable to walk or exercise, causing further damage to the body over time. What do you eat to keep your feet healthy? Let us know!