This summer’s must-have accessory is picture-perfect feet. Whether showing off newly-pedicured toes at the latest music festival, or relaxing after a long week on your feet, smooth, healthy skin always lifts the mood. Removing dry skin and taking care of any infections will make life more comfortable and improve your overall health – plus, it’s always nice to feel pampered. So, to keep your feet looking and feeling their best, make sure these five products are part of your everyday footcare routine.

Foot File

If dry and dead skin has built up on your feet over time, use a foot file – either manual or electronic, to gently work away the layers of hardened skin. It may take a couple of sessions to remove particularly hard areas though. Remember to be as gentle as possible to avoid breaking the healthy skin underneath. If the area begins to feel sore, move on to another area and go back to that area a day or two later, once it has had time to recover and adjust.

Exfoliating Scrub

The best way to improve the way your skin looks and feels is to continuously remove dry, dead flakes. Try to exfoliate the skin on the feet at least once every two days, to stop hard skin from building up, damaging healthy skin and causing infections. Even when feet look smooth, there may be small areas of dry skin building up, which can go unnoticed until they become problematic, therefore regular exfoliation goes a long way towards preventing dry skin too!


Designed to reduce the amount of water which evaporates from the top layers of the skin, moisturiser is the most effective method of retaining the skin’s natural softness and smooth appearance. For the best results, it is recommended to apply moisturiser to damp skin – so a generous covering after exfoliating works perfectly.


It might feel like summer is coming to an end, but even small amounts of sun exposure can be damaging to the skin. Make applying sunscreen part of your daily routine, to make sure that your skin is protected at all times – rain or shine! During the colder months, or days when you will not be exposing your feet to the elements as often, it is fine to drop the SPF down to 15, but on days when you know you will be sunbathing, walking in open shoes or visiting hotter climates, using a higher SPF is vital. Don’t worry about sacrificing your tan – your skin’s health is much more of an asset!

Anti-fungal Cream/Gel

Rough patches of skin can be caused by infections and the breeding of fungi – the warm, damp crevices between toes and in folded skin is the perfect environment for fungus to grow and spread. Symptoms of foot fungus include peeling, cracked or scaly patches of skin, itching or burning sensations and red or blistering of the skin. If you do experience any of these, it is worth investing in an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream to reduce the symptoms, improve the skin’s health and resolve the fungal issue before it becomes more severe.


Which products would you never give up when it comes to foot care? Let us know!