As we get older, it becomes increasingly important to look after those aching joints and limbs that can, in some instances, begin to deteriorate after a lifetime of use. Feet are one of the most vital areas of our body to look after, as staying mobile is essential for an active lifestyle, here are a few tips to look after your extremities.

Provide daily care to your feet

Especially in the wetter months of the year, it is imperative to maintain your feet every other day, if not on a daily basis. Set aside a few minutes to cut and file toenails, moisturise dry and rough skin and take care of any blistering of the feet.

Suitable footwear and socks                                                 

Now we know you won’t be wearing flip-flops in November, but wear well-insulated footwear, that offer cushioned foot support, especially if you’re on the move in the daytime. Ensuring your socks are in good shape too, and will keep your feet dry and comfy all day is another must.

Stay warm

The winter months bring with them sub-zero temperatures, and further dangers to your feet. With age taking its toll, and skin thinning, your joints begin to stiffen and feet become even more susceptible to the icy weather. Wrap up warm and ensure your home has adequate insulation to last the winter chill.

Let us know your top tips for keeping your feet in shape!