People have claimed to be able to predict our futures, analyse our personalities and summarise our health through studying the natural creases in the skin for generations. But, while palm reading seems to be quite commonplace, foot reading is less so. But just what can a foot reader tell about you from your feet?

Your Toes Give You Away

Each toe relates to a set of personality traits, with toe length symbolising the intensity of those traits. According to the laws of palmistry, an elongated big toe is a sign of intelligence and creativity – meaning that those with longer big toes can think quickly in the moment and apply clever solutions to issues.

The length of the second toe relates to leadership qualities – born leaders will have longer second toes, while the middle toe symbolises energy and drive. Those with prominent middle toes are prone to perfectionist tendencies, shorter middle toes signify that a person can find quicker solutions.

People with straight fourth toes are likely to have sensitive and gentle personality traits, which make for great listeners who can be vulnerable a times. Little toes correspond to maturity – those with more childish tendencies have shorter little toes compared to those who enjoy responsibility and caring for others.

Your Foot Shape Shows Your Outlook on Life

People with wide feet are hard-working, they can often be found joining new groups or adding to their existing responsibilities. They don’t like sitting still for too long and tend to stay active in their employment, education and hobbies. On the other hand, a long, thin foot shape symbolises a desire to be doted upon. Thin-footed people can be found in positions where their workload can be shared with a group and they can be very creative when it comes to shedding responsibilities.

The arches of the feet show how personable an individual is, with high arches revealing an independent and self-sufficient spirit, while lower arches signify a more sociable and extroverted personality.

Of course, like palm reading, foot reading is a discipline that some people believe in, and many do not. But, even for entertainment purposes, it can be fun to see how close the descriptions match your personality and day-to-day outlook.

How close to your personality are these readings? Let us know!