As the days continue to get warmer, a lot of us turn towards flip-flops and sandals as our staple footwear choice. This means that we start to prioritise style over comfort, which is not ideal for our foot health and can leave them feeling sore and blistered. Plasters may seem like the most practical way of preventing irritation, however they are not pleasing on the eye! We have compiled our top tips to help you remain blister free this summer:

1. Wear shoes that fit perfectly

This may seem like an obvious tip; however, it is extremely important in the prevention of blisters. It doesn’t matter if the shoe is too loose or too tight, you are still more prone to getting blisters and even the most fashionable shoe won’t be worth the pain in the end.

2. Vaseline/Talcum Powder

A simple tip is to apply a pinch of Vaseline to areas which are prone to blistering. This helps to create less friction between the shoe and your foot, which will help to stop any rubbing.

3. Socks and Sandals

Many people may not agree with this look; however, this controversial trend has come back in fashion! Many celebrities have been sporting this trend, as well as models on catwalks. If you have the confidence to try this look, know that you are not only fitting in with today’s fashion, but also taking perfect care of your feet this summer!

4. Washing up liquid

This may seem like an unusual tip; however, the concept is the same as Vaseline and Talcum Powder. You should apply a small amount to the problem areas to limit the rubbing the shoe may cause.

5. Purchasable solutions

If you would prefer to buy a product to help combat the effects of blistering there are many options available, for example: toe post protectors, blister tape and a blister shield. We hope these tips can help you this summer! If you have any other tips on preventing blisters, let us know over on Twitter and Facebook!