From David and Samantha Cameron’s social media, to your best friend’s living room wall, family photos everywhere are being taken over by… feet?
Rather than the usual, perfectly-arranged family portrait; couples and parents are opting for a line of feet in varying sizes to represent the family unit. These are usually peeking out from a duvet or blanket. It’s a cute alternative to the stress of getting all the kids to smile at the same time and can be a sentimental addition to the home – if done correctly! Here are our top four tips for capturing the perfect family feet photo.
1. Make sure everyone’s feet are in top condition
Try to plan at least a week ahead, to allow time to remove dry skin, treat the nails, moisturise and get your feet into picture-perfect condition. For the ultimate in confidence and beautiful feet, why not treat everyone to a pedicure? You don’t have to have bedazzled toes, simply bask in a pamper session and let someone else do the hard work!
2. Put your own twist on it
The duvet picture has been done, over and over. Why not try something new for your family, such as moving the setting outdoors, or immortalising your favourite place as the setting for your foot photo? Experiment with different places, camera settings and angles to make sure that your foot family portrait really reflects the personalities and unique dynamics of your family.
3. Do it yourself
Whilst it is fine to hire a photographer to get your family portrait just right, it is much more rewarding to capture the ideal family moment yourself. Due to the angle of the photograph, you may need to experiment with timers and make-shift tripods, but the journey towards capturing the image will make the end result more rewarding - and memorable - for everyone.
4. Don’t take it too seriously
Trying to orchestrate kids to pose perfectly can be a nightmare – if you find that nothing is going right and you start to feel frustrated, try to let go of the ‘perfect image’ you are imagining. Take a deep breath and let the photo shoot flow more naturally. This way, you can capture everyone’s personality and immortalise those organic and natural interactions.
What have been your favourite family moments? Let us know!