Thursday 17 August marks I Love My Feet Day – yes, it may sound like another bizarrely named national day, but at Gentle Grip, we think that taking time to appreciate your feet is always a good thing! So, here are our top reasons to love your feet, every day.

They’re more complicated than they look.  With over 100 tendons, 33 joints and 26 bones in each foot, your feet are a great example of nature’s engineering in action. Every time you stand, flex, walk, run or stretch your foot it is comparable to the pulleys and cogs found in machinery - working in harmony to make what appears to be small, simple movements which appear effortless from the outside.

They are one of the key factors when flirting.  Studies have shown that women portray their true feelings toward people through subtle changes in posture and foot position. When sitting, women who are talking to a person they find attractive are likely to position their feet closer to other person, whilst those who wish to escape the conversation – or date – might hide their feet beneath their chair as a sign of discomfort. Alternatively, men who are feeling nervous are more susceptible to foot shuffling and movement, whilst women tend to keep their feet calm and still when they feel anxious.


They are a fashion focal point. The first boots were created in 1840 for Queen Victoria, heels were invented to protect Middle Eastern nationals from foot damage due to walking on hot sands and the oldest recognisable shoe is over 5,500 years old. For both practical and fashionable purposes, feet have been one of the main factors in clothing design for centuries.


They have their own unit of measurement. If you have ever wondered what exactly shoe sizes refer to, you’re not alone. Shoe sizes are measured in ‘barleycorns’, a unit of measurement originating from the Anglo-Saxon period which is based on the length of a barley grain. A barleycorn is approximately one third of an inch and the current record holder for the largest shoes size is Moroccan-born Brahim Takioullah, whose feet measure 38.1 cm and 37.7 cm.


They can tell you a lot about your health. From dry skin and a lack of foot hair to sores and swelling, your feet can give valuable insights into the overall health of the rest of your body. Certain medical conditions are known to show strong symptoms in the feet and ankles and can act as an early sign of potential illnesses.

Why do you love your feet? Let us know and share the love.