While the current heatwave the UK is experiencing is a refreshing change and prepping us all for summer, for those who deal with diabetes on a day-to-day, it can be hard to know how to prep for the warmer weather. The heat and humidity do have an impact on people with the condition, and here are a few ways in which to tackle diabetes this summer.

In the heat

If you’re a regular insulin user, it’ll be absorbed far quicker from the injection site in warm weather, this increases the risk of hypoglycemia. This can be avoided by testing levels more often, and by keeping insulin in the fridge or a cool bag, as it can be damaged in the heat. If you have neuropathy, you may not be fully aware when your feet are burning, apply a liberal amount of sun cream and wear flip-flops on hot ground.

Change of routine

On a day of blazing hot weather, impromptu BBQ’s and parties can often change the normal routine of your day. This may delay your mealtime insulin dosage somewhat, so it’s always good to have a handy carb-filled snack nearby. A piece of fruit, a pot of yoghurt or bread, especially if you’re on twice-daily insulin injections.

Keep hydrated

Everyone can be effected by dehydration in warm weather, however for those with diabetes, it’s important to remember to stick to water. Zero-added sugar squashes and diet drinks are also acceptable, and if drinking alcohol, keep to the advised guidelines, and try to mix between non-alcoholic drinks.

How are you going to stay healthy over the summer months? Let us know!