If you’re living with diabetes you’re much more likely to develop issues with your feet. So, keep them well looked after by following these simple tips…Check them daily: Any minor problems with your feet can escalate quickly when you have diabetes, so keep a watchful eye on their condition and act quickly should you see anything untoward. If you struggle to see your feet or have lost any feeling then use a mirror if possible, and make sure you check the soles, too. Be careful when cutting: Trimming your nails might seem like an easy job but you’d be surprised at how often you can break the skin if you’re not careful with the nail scissors. These types of injuries can lead to other issues, so be extra careful when you trim your toenails and use a nail file to smooth out any edges. Wear the right footwear: Ill-fitting footwear can cause feet issues for anyone, but when your living with diabetes shoes that rub or cut into your skin can cause other issues to flare up. Opt for flat and low-heeled shoes and choose laces or buckles to ensure they stay secure on your feet and don’t slide around and cause friction. Moisturise daily: Keeping your skin well moisturised is always a good idea and that includes your feet, too. Choose an emollient cream that’s right for you – check with a healthcare professional if you’re not sure – and moisturise every day, taking care not to apply between your toes as this can cause issues. Stop smoking: It goes without saying that you should look to quit smoking if you’re living with diabetes, and giving up could be good news for your feet, too. Smoking impacts on your circulatory system, making it harder for blood to reach your feet so kick the habit and improve your chances of keeping your feet healthy. Live a healthy lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just stop at quitting smoking – you should also watch what you eat, drink, and do as well. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle – eating a balanced diet and keeping active – can reduce the chance of foot complications and lower your risk of an amputation. What’s your top tip for footcare? Let us know in the comments!