Feet are often a body part that gets neglected, especially as we get older, despite them being vital for doing so many of things we do on a day-to-day basis. During the winter when the prospect of summer sandals couldn’t seem further away, by making a few simple changes to your routine can make a difference to staying comfortable and healthy over the colder months.


Wear proper shoes and socks


It might be tempting to turn to cosy slippers at home over winter, but excessive use of ill-fitting and unsupportive footwear can not only increases the chances of a fall, but can encourage a “shuffling” movement. This means that joint won’t be worked correctly, making them stiff and sore.


Stay clean and dry


If you have to venture out in adverse weather, make sure you sturdy, waterproof shoes. If your feet to get wet, dry them thoroughly as soon as possible. This will avoid encouraging any infections.


Keep moving


Sitting or lying for long periods can cause fluid to pool in the lower legs, so it’s important to move around at regular intervals. Going for a steady walk each day is ideal, but if it’s just too cold or you aren’t feeling up to it, try doing a chore each hour to get circulation working as it should do.


Socks in bed


Just as it’s important to keep the circulation moving whilst awake, wearing socks to bed can help keep extremities warmer, and studies have suggested that warm feet can promote a good night’s sleep. For extra comfort, pick a pair with a cosy wool blend.


Keep nails in check


Age UK have reported that nearly one in three older people aren’t able to cut their own toenails, which can lead to infections an ingrowths. If you aren’t able to cut your own, try to schedule regular appointments with a Chiropodist, who will ensure feet are kept happy and healthy.


How much time do you spend looking after your feet?